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Bossa Novas

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I've been listening to Cannonball and Getz all day!!! All Bossa Novas!!!!!!!! I just love to listen to them and play them. It's the best beat ever invented!!!!!!! Am I the only one that loves them? or am I just a late bloomer as to how cool they are!!!!

When I hear them I picture breezy summer nights by the beach sipping cocktails with a beautiful woman. It would be cool to play a whole gig and do nothing but Bossa Novas all night no matter what!!!!
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playitfunky said:
Am I the only one that loves them? or am I just a late bloomer as to how cool they are!!!!
I love that Bossa Nova sound too, and have a lot. Here are some suggestions
that you may not have heard yet.

(*) Brazilliance, from 1953. Laurindo Almeida and Bud Shank do some
samba jazz that predates bossa nova.

(*) Before he got into the whole, uhhh, world/earth music thing, Paul Winter
did a bunch of bossa stuff that was nice.

(*) Stan Getz "Jazz Samba Encore" with Luis Bonfa, while good, has a great
song on it, Jobim's "O Morro Nao Tem Vez". I always wonder why this one
isn't covered as much as say, "Manha De Carnaval". For that matter,
there don't seem to be as many recordings of Ipanema, kind of odd.

(*) Ike Quebec's "Bossa Nova Soul Samba"

(*) Joe Henderson's "Double Rainbow". I saw someone here pan it, but I like
it quite a bit.

(*) Paul Desmond's "Bossa Antigua". I like it better than the Sebesky
sweetened "Hot Afternoon" set. Lots of nice originals, Desmond had a
great feel for bossa and it suited him well.

I'm sure there are lots more suggestions too. There are lots of bossas that
aren't covered enough. As much as I like Black Orpheus, we don't need
another as much as, say, a cover of Aruanda.
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