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baribaribarisax said:
I was thinking of trying a couple of 12M's from Borodi Music in Cleveland.
Does anyone have any experience with instruments from this shop?
I have used George Borodi for about three years and frankly he's my go to guy for heavy rebuild and mod work. He's a true old world craftsman and puts out exquisite work, no kidding. Also, his prices are very reasonable. George is truly a great guy, an honest dealer and his word can be trusted. George has done 7 full rebuilds for me and all are fabulous lookers and players. And, odd as it may seem, he really loves the horns. He did a derelict recovery rebuild on a 1918 Conn New Wonder Artist Special tenor and the result is simply spectacular. You simply can't go wrong with Borodi.

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This shop is famous for their very creative (and at time flamboyant ) rebuilds which are definitely greatly executed but definitely not in the spirit of a conservative restoration-

Once they get hold of an old saxophone they perform incredible amounts of techniques to polish , paint, lacquer and shine a horn (famous the two tones silver-gold lacquer horns).

So if you are a conservationist be very sure of what you ask them to do and how do they have to do it for you. Many technicians here have praised their technical knowledge before on SOTW.
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