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Borgani tenor identification

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Can someone tell me what is this model of Borgani? Also, a ball park value?

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Thank you
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It even doesn't look like a Borgani...
You need to check the serial... but may look one from the 60's.
It may be around 300/400€... in playing conditions.
Most of older italian horns from that era (Borgani, Meazzi, Orsi, R&C...) were quite odd to play. Maybe Grassi made some more manageable.
You'd need to have a horn in perfect condition to verify if at least they play in tune.

Does it have the "Delle Piane" system?
I thought it would be a slightly newer model, like 30 to 40 years old, not 60, but I don't really know borganis. It does not have the Delle Piane system, otherwise it would be visible in the photos.
Thank you for the answers. I asked the seller for a photo of the logo and for the serial number, and he sent me this photo, but says he doesn't know the serial. I explained where you usually find it, so maybe I can get that info also.

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It's not really important, just curiosity.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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