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Borgani tenor identification

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Can someone tell me what is this model of Borgani? Also, a ball park value?

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Thank you
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I think this is probably a later one, I think it may be end of the '70 (with that neck brace), it may be contemporary to the Borgani MARK VIII that I once found somewhere

Nice though this is , the price is anybody's guess. It looks very nice and if in playing state and to the right person may fetch up to €1000 , but may equally remain unsold, there isn't a " market" for those horns, all sales are rather more episodes , but again one only needs one buyer. A dedicated collector of Italian horns may fell in love for this for reasons that others may not consider important.

By the way look at the price of a similar (but not as nice an example) fetched on Catawiki

Value, is very much in the eye of the buyer. Yours looks better
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even knowing the serial number would probably not give a definitive answer as to the production year, but is it important? This horn was made before Borgani became the boutique producer that it is today.

Horns of that generation are harldly getting big bucks and one pays what one wants to pay.

It is nickel plated by the way
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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