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I'm currenty trying and some vitage Borgani tenor sax which I consider buying.
It has an engraving on the bell saying: "BORGANI PROFESSIONAL MACERATA"
The serial number is 4477
The case label sais:

It has a huge dark warm sound and a soft attack. It plays nicely but it must have a full overhaul, 'cause it looks like it wasn't maintained for lots of years and its condition isn't good.
My sax repair man also saids that it must have an overhaul.
I'd really appreciate if you'll be able to help me estimate the price for that horn, considering that it needs an overhaul on my expense, and in Israel, a good one will cost 580$.

Do you have any idea when approximately it was manufactured ?

Thanks a lot,

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e-mail borgani at

They are in general happy to oblige. Old Borganis are not very valuable so any work you do put into the horn won't really add too much to its value. In other words if you like it and play it , by all means do it. If you think to sell it sell it as it is.
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