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Bois ligature works for my tenor Link

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I ordered one of these last week for the metal NY Link tenor piece I've been playing some years now. WWBW delivered in rapid time, no drama.

I did nothing other than slightly wet the O-ring that's on the inside of the Delrin ring, and slipped it on, as far as it would go. Seems to fit at least as firmly as the stock Link lig (which was always migrating right or left anyway), if not better. Once the mouthpiece is where I want it, I don't move it, but oftentimes I find myself twisting it to the right a bit as I get warmed up and try to get the horn balanced with me. (I think my incisor profile has something to do with that.) Coupla days trialing isn't much time to count on, but the Bois is staying put. Definitely a better choice than the stock lig it just replaced.

Best thing. At least for me, it really does free up something. My reed seems to have a richer set of vibrations going now and I feel I've taken a big step closer to the sound I want. Hooda thunk....?

This is the cheapest and perhaps one of the most effective equipment upgrades I've made in the last few years. I'd recommend that folks try the Bois, if you haven't already; WWBW does seem to offer their usual trial period on them, and at $18-20 apiece, it doesn't hurt too much even if you aren't thrilled but still forget to return it.
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the reed pop test is not a good test I have an otto link link with FL lig and it plays amazing and barely lasts a second but damn that mouthpiece plays. ask so of the mouthpiece refacers here they probably have more info on the subject then I do.

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