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Welcome to SOTW, jnerisproductions!

Probably not, but depends on what you consider expensive.

What brand/model of horn?

Just out of curiosity, how did it get broken? Not a common problem....

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Take it in to a good tech (I believe there are threads on here that recommend techs in various cities) and have them look at it and give you an estimate. They should not charge for that. If you have to ask if you can fix it, you should probably not try it yourself.

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How do you fix it, and is it expensive?
You take it to a tech. It will be less expensive to have them fix it now than it will be if you try to do it yourself and end up doing more 'damage'. :)

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Hi Dear friends, my body octave key of my sax alto broken , How can I fix that ? it is expensive ? thanks a lot .

Parts of keys that have broken away from other parts almost always need silver soldering. That requires heating to red hot.

Leave it to a tech unless you have experience at silver-soldering (with accurate alignment), and experience at adjusting an octave mechanism to function correctly.

If that is all that is wrong, then at a very wild guess, without seeing it, it might take a tech 10 to 20 minutes.

However the octave mechanism is quite a complicated and delicate piece of mechanism, and many parts of it have to function just right or it fails to work. If it has had enough trauma to break off a part, there may well be other parts of it that need attention. And if it is soldered back a fraction of a mm out of position, then quite a lot of re-adjustment to accommodate may be necessary.

If you mean the key cup itself, the pad will almost certainly need replacing. If silver-soldering is required, then all soft materials subject to heat will need replacing.
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