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Music Musical instrument Musician Saxophonist Saxophone

Lee Allen

Musical instrument Music Saxophonist Brass instrument Saxophone

Sam Butera

Musical instrument Saxophonist Saxophone Music Clarinet family

Ace Cannon

Music Eyewear Brass instrument Jazz Musical instrument

Jimmy Forest

Saxophonist Saxophone Musical instrument Music Baritone saxophone

Grady Gaines

Elder Grandparent Wrinkle Glasses

Herb Hardesty

Military officer

Purvis Henson

Music Musician Musical instrument Performance Event

Joe Houston

Saxophonist Musical instrument Brass instrument Music Saxophone

Plas Johnson

Music Saxophonist Saxophone Jazz Musical instrument

Big Jay McNeely

Musical instrument Music Saxophonist Saxophone Brass instrument

Maceo Parker

Musical instrument Music Saxophonist Wind instrument Brass instrument

Boots Randolph

Musical instrument Music Wind instrument Saxophonist Brass instrument

Eddie Shaw

Music Saxophonist Musical instrument Jazz Musician

Hal Singer

Music Music artist Musician Jazz Musical instrument

Lionel Torrence

Musical instrument Music Saxophonist Saxophone Brass instrument

Alvin 'Red' Tyler

Music Saxophone Musical instrument Saxophonist Musician

Junior Walker

Music Saxophonist Musical instrument Music artist Brass instrument

Noble 'Thin Man' Watts

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© Paul Harris

The photographs have been generously donated by Paul Harris,, a regular contributor to Juke Blues magazine, Bristol, England, and to Now Dig This magazine, Gateshead, England. Photographs of the following players are available:-

Lee Allen, Hal Ashby, Sam Butera, Jimmy Cavello, Joey D'Ambrosio... (click here for the complete list)

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