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Here's a Sibelius demo recording of the 6 horn lines in my Blues for Lester score for mid-size jazz ensemble. The page on Soundcloud has info about the piece and links to the full score and an article that describes my concepts for a group of this size.

As I describe: Blues For Lester draws upon aspects of Lester Young's music that I admire and have internalized. This includes his horizontal approach to harmony, how he played around with time in his phrasing, and how he used "wrong" notes (from a vertical chord perspective) at times. These aspects are expressed in my own style.

One of the features of this piece is the ensemble chorus (starting at 0:57 in the recording). It uses phrases from several Lester Young solos that were compositionally stitched together. The chorus starts at the bottom of the ensemble and progressively works its way up through the instruments to a full-ensemble passage with open voicings and linear writing.

Bands interested in trying Blues for Lester can contact me.

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