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David Arivett finished a new recording of Blues For Lester. It can be heard here on my website.

Besides the recording, the page has a link to my score. I highly recommend following the score while listening to the recording. As you'll discover, there are places where David gave the piece his own interpretation. That's what I encourage performers of my music to do.

Blues For Lester is an extended piece with an eclectic blend of jazz (with a touch of Monk), funk, contemporary classical, and blues. It is an expression of my admiration for Lester Young, the great tenor saxophonist, who had many quirky qualities in his music.

This piece draws upon aspects of Lester Young's playing that I admire and have internalized. This includes his horizontal approach to harmony, how he played around with time in his phrasing, used "wrong" notes (from a vertical chord perspective) at times, and had an audacious sense of humor. They are expressed in Blues For Lester in my own style.

The mid-size ensemble score is for soloist, 5 horns, and rhythm section. The score uses flexible instrumentation. This enables the music to be played by many combinations of instruments.

My article on mid-size ensemble has more information about the concepts I used in this score:

Bands interested in playing Blues For Lester can contact me for score & parts.

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