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Hey everyone!!

A few months back, me and a oudist friend of mine (the oud is the original Arab lute) started an oriental jazz band. Our main objective was to make a mix of jazz, the music many people here love, with the Lebanese Oriental feel that everyone here connects with and can easily recieve. I think we came out with a really nice fusion and a lot of people loved our first performance.

The band is now called Blue Orhex and consists of 7 main members.

Sax (myself)
Arabic Percussion

The main members are the first four, and the last three just appear in some songs. Clarinet doesn't appear in these recordings because she just joined.

Anyways, I'm attaching a link to our first concert's recording. Please everyone have a listen and give me your opinion. Mind you, we know the drummer messed up too much and we have a different one now. We all messed up in some places in terms of memorizing our parts, but that was mostly due to us being in a rush to learn the songs.

I hope you all enjoy!


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OK, keep on doing it.....:) . You are not there just yet (where I guess you want to be), but every long journey has to start somewhere and you are obviously young and will get there someday, it is a long way away though.

I find that the basic ideas have to be developed a lot more than what they are now, one for one, you all sound at very levels, ok, good or very good, at this stage of your musical development, the problem is that the playing together is not.....together, yet!

The instruments that should hold it all together, like the bass and the keyboards.. ..they are not doing it! You need to work in that direction. Base your music on a solid carpet, keyboards bass and drums should form the structure, the sax, clarinet, the oud and the percussion (it gets crowded out there.....) play accents and solo on a basic harmonic and rhythmic carpet (an oriental carpet of course:D )

Best of Luck!

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do not get discouraged! A forum is for discussing but not everyone is curious about everything or spends all day in front of the computer as I do!Do not forget that some people might agree with a comment, mine being the only one,and not want to add anything. Some people watch these pages at work and might not be permitted to download things for listening.
Best of Luck and lots of work, what shall I say more, listen to a lot of music and perhaps try to understand that a good piece is made of small contributions at times, not only for everyone to shine.....
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