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After getting my DiMedici alto flute I shopped around for a good, stable, peg. Long story short I settled on the Blayman peg. I know, it's pricey. Part of me thinks it was crazy to spend that much on a peg. However, I am very impressed with how stable my alto flute is with it.

Happily, the Blayman peg fits perfectly both my older Beecher saxophone stand and a new Hamilton 5-peg stand. Therefore, I see no need to get the heavy Blayman base and haul it along with all of my other equipment.

I'm so impressed with the Blayman alto flute peg that I went all out and got Blayman pegs for my clarinet and C flute. They have a much more stable feeling with the Blayman pegs than with the Beechler pegs I've been using for quite a few years.

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