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While I've found a couple of good and pretty reliable shops and techs in my vicinity (I'm living close to Lucerne, Switzerland), I've had some really great experiences with the guys from Blashaus in Zug - situated between Lucerne and Zurich, only a couple of minutes away from the train station.

Martin Suter and Werner Keller are both experienced and resourceful woodwind technicians who have a vast knowledge of modern and vintage saxophones (Marcus Hassler, the third tech, mainly does brasswinds). Martin is the one who has made my two baris play - the overhaul he did for my B-6 put it into a shape that made me sell my B-901 within a month after getting the horn back, and just recently he fixed my Keilwerth New King that wouldn't play as expected after an overhaul by a different tech (who has done some good work for me in the past, but this time he sort of hit a wall...). I should have taken the horn to Martin in the first place...

For vintage afficionados, Blashaus is the place to go - I know for a fact people visit from all over Europe if they're looking for vintage horns in great playing condition, sometimes incorporating Martin's own enhancements - I know some will abhor that notion, but I've had an opportunity to play a Conn 12M he has equipped with a complete newly developed keywork - imagine a true Conn sound married with the handling of a modern horn! I'm hooked - but first I've got to get my own 12M...

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