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Black Headjoint

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Hi, I have a question and I'm sure someone here will be able to shed some light on it.
I'm not too updated about the flutists world, but I like to hear them from time to time, and I've seen lately a lot of flutists that are using a flute that has a black headjoint, to me it seems to be kinda new trend, I never saw them before.
Is it a make/model of a speciffic flute or is it a custom headjoint that can be used on different flutes? If this is the case, is there only one manufacturer of those black headjoints or there are others?
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These are most likely wooden headjoints. They provide a different tone, response, lip plate, etc. They are more popular now, so they have become more visible. There are many wood varities and manufacturers available now, and, yes they can be expensive. Flutists can apply all the same arguments for and/or against them as you will find in the mouthpiece forms on this site.
I use a "Howell Roberts" rosewood headjoint as it is the same as my piccolo, and I prefer that type of lip plate and sound (just personal preference). As I mentioned earlier, just like this web-site illustrates that there is a whole world of sax enthsiasts, products, equipment, players, custom designers, etc. etc. so there is for flutists. There are many custom flute and head joint makers and craftsmen out there especially in Europe and Japan. If you think saxophones and mouthpieces are expensive wait until you check out the flute world.
Yes that "black" head joint looks cool and I get a lot of comments and questions about it, but it makes no sense to make that type of investment, unless you have a very good flute (expensive) to put it on, and you can justify that by having the chops and need for a rig like that. Thats just my opinion.
I know a guy that wrapped his flute head joint with black electrical tape because he liked the way Nestor Torres' flute looked ... so there you go.
Zivley, just Google "wooden flute head joints" you'll find a bunch, good luck!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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