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I received a Bilger-Morgan R-3 tenor piece in the mail today and it plays very nicely, albeit a bit closed. Out of curiosity, does anyone know why David Bliger and Ralph Morgan quit working together? I've heard bits and pieces, but I was wondering if anyone knew the real story.

Oh...I forgot the real reason I posted this...anyone know who made the blanks for these? It has a very different shape than any other Morgan piece that I've seen.
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sycc said:
Dave Bilger is passed away several years ago. Cancer I believe. He lived in my neck of the woods. He did a sax clinic at my school around '83 or 84 I believe.
See this thread for more on what happened to saxophonist David Bilger. The present thread is about the Bilger-Morgan partnership, which dissolved long before Bilger died.
J.Max said:
Here's the auction that I won to get the B-M piece. (Notice that it's an R-3. Could the R stand for Riffault?):
Yes, Riffault mouthpieces commonly have an opening designation such as R3.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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