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Hey everyone!
I'm currently in the middle of booking a big tour of the USA with a trio I'm in called Cactus Truck. It's very full on high energy free jazz so I realize it's not ideal for every jazz venue, though it's been a while since I've had a beer thrown at me so why not....

Our goal is to play EVERYWHERE. Well, more or less. Already got places like Salt Lake City, Lexington, KY, etc... but still have a lot of empty dates. Any suggestions for venues that could fit our crazy music are most welcome. Otherwise if you're living in one of the towns we're hitting please come by and say hi!

Current agenda:

Oct 22: Eyedrum in Atlanta (w Jeb Bishop)
Oct 23: Charlotte, NC venue TBA (w Jeb Bishop)
Oct 26: Squidco in Wilmington, NC (w Jeb Bishop)
Oct 27: Sonic Circuits in DC (w Jeb Bishop)
Oct 28: Baltimore, tba
Oct 29: Archer Spade, Fire Museum in Philadelphia
Oct 30: Middle East in Boston
Oct 31: NYC, tba
Nov 1: Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh
Nov 2: Fuse Factory in Columbus, OH
Nov 3: Robinhood Concert House in Toledo, OH
Nov 6-10: Umbrella Festival Chicago (we play the 6th then hang out for this incredible festival)
Nov 11: Surrounded by Reality in Madison, WI
Nov 13: Madame of the Arts in Minneapolis, MN
Nov 15: Side Door in Omaha, NE
Nov 16: Denver, CO venue TBA
Nov 17: Salt Lake City, UT venue TBA
Nov 24: San Francisco, CA venue TBA
Nov 25: Oakland, CA venue TBA
Nov 26: Nebraska Mondays in Sacramento, CA
Dec 2: Church of the Friendly Ghost in Austin, TX
Dec 3: They, Who Sound in Houston, TX
Dec 7: Lexington, KY venue TBA
Dec 8: Conundrum in Columbia, SC
Dec 11: Freddy’s in NYC


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Brooklyn - I like Freddy's ok...they are nice there, but Zebulon, Firehouse Space, and Shapeshifter Lab would probably be better...Issue Project Room, Tea Lounge, and iBeam are other Brooklyn venues. Do you have a connection at Zorn's The Stone? Maybe you can contact the curator for October?

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Reading the google translation of your website is entertaining enough. I'd love to be able to take in a show, but that doesn't seem likely.

"The spearhead of this jazz core course remains Dikeman, on soprano, tenor and baritone are devils dissolves and the trio tour guides through a hell of unrelenting madness. In the ten-minute "Aporia" leads to an equally tiring as oplawaai dose of free improvisation and explosive skronknoise, uncomfortable sitting in the quiet (well) and filthy passages during the frantic pounding. It is a recipe that actually used for "Coitiphobe" and "Sweet Movie" while "Search and Restore" and "Plork" belong to their series of 30 second noise songs. Brötzmann meets the Flying Luttenbachers, sorta."
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