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big M.P.

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My friend has a large mouthpiece.A bari reed does not quite go across
but he has seen bass M.P.'s & he says this one looks a bit smaller.
It says Naujoks-Mclaughlin and looks to be plastic(although it could be h.r.
or a composite)It has a metal insert.Any information?
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It could be a contrabass clarinet mouthpiece.
esimpson252 said:
Sounds like you're in a PICKLE.
I don't get it. The mouthpiece is a pickle?
bluesaxgirl said:
It could be a contrabass clarinet mouthpiece.
Well.....a contrabass piece would be notable for it's cork-wrapped shank or the channel around it where a strip of cork once was.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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