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big bore/big chamber, small bore/small chamber?

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I've noticed while trying out mouthpieces, that there is a big difference between my old Selmer Signet and my new Chicago Jazz Series in responsiveness with the same mouthpiece.

My own BergLarsen Steel 115/2/SMS responds great on the Selmer, but is more difficult to play, especially in the low register, on my CJS. The sound is great, but it requires a lot more control.

On the other hand, trying a Lebayle jazz (great mouthpiece by the way!) I noticed it played beautifully on my CJS, but had a boring sound on my Selmer. I didn't buy it (yet), I want to try out some other ones before getting me a new mouthpiece. But it's defenitely a candidate, more than the dukoff I tried (honkin' only), or the Meyer (far too classical for me)

I believed I read something here about an influence of the bore on the size of the chamber optimal for that saxophone. Is there any mouthpiece specialist willing to shine a light on this? It would help me in my search for a new mpc, as it can narrow the search.

Thank you in advance.
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I just added a FAQ answer on my site about mouthpiece chamber volume size vs its effect on intonation.

I do not think you can tell a lot from the sax bore and taper. It depends on what is missing on the end of the sax. The sax maker could make the neck a little longer/shorter so that standard mouthpieces can be used. Some sax makes seem to have short necks like some Martin bari and tenors. Some owners have had their necks extended to allow them to use more of mouthpieces that are available.

The player's physical makeup and embouchure is a big factor too. Most theoretical texts may only mention this. Benade had done a few studies of this and showed that it is quite significant. So I think you need to just start with whatever set-up you have to get a data point on how you get along with it. Then if there is a problem, you can just do trial-and-error or you can try a larger/smaller chamber based on which way your intonation if off.
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