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First off, I'm no expert on ligatures. I was looking for a new one because the one I've had for my sax was the same one from my student-model sax I had like 20 years ago (standard two-screw). And it just felt stuffy--I tried a Rovner dark and it felt easier.

So I tried a whole bunch of ligs, and my criteria was the following:
- Easy to put on--no swappable plates or other junk.
- Inexpensive... don't feel it's worth a splurge
- I don't want the sound to get brighter or darker--just wanted to free up the sound.

I liked the Francois Louis basic, because it did seem to help with the projection. Olegature sounded nice but the thing couldn't stay on very nicely. Rovner changed the tone to make it darker, which I didn't want.

Then I found a great deal for a BG tradition lig--got the gold-plated version for under $20 shipped on ebay. Perfect. And man, I love it. It didn't change the sound--I went back and forth between my new lig and old and they sound the same--but it just feels freer than my old two-screw lig. It's made a noticeable difference in the ease of playing. I like that it's a single screw, and it keeps the reed on there nicely. Fits my Meyer mpc perfect too.

So just writing to say that it's a great, simple ligature, and that a decent-quality lig can help.
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