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Beuscher TT Tenor Metal

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I have a Buescher TT Tenor 1924 by serial#. The finish of the sax is a dark color gold. What is the sax during this era made of? Just curious. The sax is in great shape, no dings or dents and sounds fantastic. I beleive the sax was only used for a year and put up for storage and the finish just turned dark. Is there a polish that can be used to bring back the shine?
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Brass was the material used, with various platings used by various makers.

Most will not recommend "shining" the sax, but just cleaning with a soft cloth. I would love to have a horn with a mellow dark finish. I'd say leave it alone.
If it's gold plated, it will have engraving all the way down to the bell to bow connection. All you'd have to do is polish it as recommended by other threads on this site. If it's gold plated...
Well I found an article about the Buescher that answered my question. Check it out.

I have the next to last finish.
Gold does not tarnish, but it can get dirty. I woudl like mine to be clean - in fact, that is actually the case with my alto which is GP. Some care is needed to avoid rubbing of the plating, but it can be done and the effect is stunning.
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