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Best Way To Plug Reciever Crack?

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I have a King Zephyr Baritone that has just been repadded. It was playing terribly, and I had a leak light in it etc. and it is sealing perfectly. I finally figured out that the sliver in the receiver (that allows it to be tightened around the neck) has been extended so that it goes below the neck and air leaks in. When I plugged it up with cork grease the horn started playing great.

Does anyone have any advice on how to best plug the crack in the neck receiver? I don't know the correct term for it, but there is a slot in the receiver that allows it to be tightened around the neck. Cork grease is a short term fix, but I was also thinking of chewing gum and teflon tape as another method. There is no repairman in this country, and this is a school horn, so I am hoping for a more permanent solution. Any advice is much appreciated!
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No, it sounds like the slot has been extended by a running crack.

It should be terminated by drilling a small hole (to reduce the stress concentration) and then backfilled with hard solder to the base of the slot.
Suggesting that the guy- probably a high school student- take a torch and a drill to a school horn -and using high temp solder at that- is verging on irresponsible as a recommendation to most high school kids without a background in shop work of some sort.
Please note that I didn't tell the student to do such a thing. I intentionally detailed the process such that the horn could be taken to a general machinist and the horn repaired. Some of this type of repair is within the scope of plumber to execute cleanly - not everything is NAPBIRT-sanctioned only.
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