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Where is the best place to get solid silver (92.5%) sheet, strip, rod or tubing from in the UK for making keys from (talking oboe/cor anglais keys here)? Are the prices for silver standard or variable depending where it comes from?

Ideally I'd like to get tubing with the outer diameter of 3.7mm and inner diameter of under 2.4mm for larger key tubing and 3.5mm OD by under 2mm ID for the smaller key tubing, 5mm rod for making pillars from, 2.5mm sheet or strip for keys and 3-3.5mm thick strip for fashioning touchpieces from. For key tubing I can settle with solid silver rod and turn the outer diameter down to size and drill out the inside (and ream it to the right diameter).

Reason why I want solid silver instead of nickel silver is because the instrument already has solid silver keywork and fittings (including the pillars, crook socket, socket linings and tenon rings) and it'll also save all the hassle of having to send the keys off to be plated which can take over a month to turn around.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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