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Best earphones for practice

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I'm currently using cheap corded sony headphones to practice but im looking for something wireless that will work well for my practice sessions. Jay Metcalf recommended these...

But I wonder if there are some others I should consider. Ideally I would like to be able to monitor through them as well but I realize there is the latency issue so having some good wireless headphones would be good enough if there is no perfect solution for all circumstances.
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For practicing, I went the way of Jay with those wireless Bose and LOVE them. If you are practicing or playing along wth a track, or trying to transcribe a tune, they are great.

For when i record myself though, I much prefer something that gives me more of the sax sound without blocking as much of it out as the Bose do.
I also went wired for this purpose as I plug them into my Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 so i can hear the whole mix well and the natural sound of the sax, and went with MEE 'monitors' (get the longer optional cord as well though, its worth it. Also went with other ear bud inserts per some reco's.
These are super cheap and really great for the $.
I am not a pro, just a hobbyist, and don't need something onstage.
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