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Rank your top four alto players...(classical guys are welcome too)

Be sure to put them in order, 1 being the greatest...4 being the next to next next to greatest. Since this is subjective, I'm asking you to consider technique, impact on their genre, contribution to the literature...not to mention who you like listening to. We're looking for the total package...not just kudos to people who deserve kudos.

And since I'm opening up this poll, I'll start...

1) Adderley
2) Parker
3) Woods
4) Stitt

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1. Bud Shank (50's stuff only)
2. Paul Desmond
3. Sonny Criss
4. Benny Carter

living: Marty Erlich (though his albums are kinda boring)

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1. Parker
2. Parker
3. Parker
4. Parker

Then there's a whole bunch of really good ones of somewhat less stature.
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