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Berkner High School Band at the Midwest Clinic December 2011

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The Symphonic One Band from L. V. Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas is performing the Midwest clinic in just over a week! We are the "Friday Night Band", playing at 5:30 on Friday night. Anyone who is in the Chicago area or is going to the Midwest Clinic is urged to join us for our concert, which will feature:

*A band transcription of Paul Hindemith's Symphony in Eb (yes, Eb, not Bb) which we commissioned for our performance (and is, imho, really really really really hard)

*This year's commission by the Midwest Board: Animas Luminas (Souls of Light) by Japanese American composer Waturu Hokoyama. This piece was written as gift by the American people to the Japanese people to honor those who have been affected by the Japanese earthquake. This is especially important due to the close connection our nations have through our collaboration in our band programs.

*Guest conductors Frank Ticheli and Richard Crain (president of the Midwest Board)

*An appearance by trumpet virtuoso Allen Vizzuti playing Carnival of Venice accompanied by the band

*Me playing first alto!!! :bluewink:

Here's a glimpse of us in a local news segment:


And if you managed to read all the way through this post or at least skipped to the bottom and you happen to live in DFW or somewhere in North Texas, we will be doing a send off concert on Sunday, December 11 (in two days) which will feature everything you just read above minus the conductors. Yes, even Allen Vizzutti will be there. It's at 2:30 at Richardson High School, free of charge.

Once again, here are the dates and times

Friday December 16 at Midwest Clinic
Mccormick Place, Chicago
5:30 PM

Sunday December 11 sendoff concert
Richardson High School
2:30 PM​

Hope to see you there!
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That's really cool. And it's something you'll remember for the rest of your life...enjoy it!
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