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I heard this piece played a couple of days ago, and I was floored both by the beauty of the music and by the incredible virtuosity of the player. Unbelievable.
Do any of you classical players play this piece? Must be fantastic to have it on your repertoire list.

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Berio is a Master and beautiful composer, the sequenza for oboe (I think is named 7C) is an incredible piece of music.
If you like Berio try to find the recording of Laborintus 2 conducted by Luciano Berio himself, a great and beautiful piece of music, including a "free jazz moment" which I believe was a jam during the recording session... Berio liked it and put it on this masterpiece.

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I didn't know music like this existed until Anthony Braxton gave me a recording of Stockhausen.
I became addicted to Stockhausen until I discovered Berio.
And some years later managed to buy Luciano himself a drink at the bar at Lincoln Center.

All of Berio's music is superb and my Via Coro mouthpiece is named after his CORO.

I am off to listen to grevsax's version of Sequenza 7b now!
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