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Bergonzi's latest:"Tenorist"

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I went into Newberry Comics yesterday to pick up Micheal Breckers final CD and I stumbled onto Bergonzi's newest. I picked up both. Bergonzi's previous release on Savant was great but I think this one is even better. There are 9 tunes all together, 2 of which are not originals, LaMesha and Pannonica. But evey track is great. Love his sound(s) and style. Definately worth picking up.

Needless to say Breckers CD is good too, although I haven't yet given it a serious listen. I like to spread things out and savor every note from players like these so I'll first fully appreciate Bergonzi before I move onto Brecker.

Anyone else pick up Bergonzi's new one yet?
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