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Berg Larsen mpc

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Im new to the bari sax and my jazz band instructor gave me a brand new Berg Larsen ebonite medium closed mpc. I normally use ZZ vandoren size 3.5 but i really like using rico jazz select (file cut) reeds size 3M on my new mpc. I am using the stock ligature as of now and am wondering what would be a good ligature/reed setup for my mpc?


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I've been using a metal (SS) Berg on my bari for a while now with a Rovner lig. I can't honestly say that I hear a consistent difference between the stock lig and the Rovner, but the Rovner is definitely more reed friendly (I've had some chirping problems with the stock lig).
A new lig probably won't change your sound that much (assuming that the stock lig isn't somehow defective). Try putting more of the mouthpiece in your mouth and concentrate on keeping your throat open. It will feel strange at first, but probably will have a greater effect than a lig change.
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