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bent neck receiver + broken screw

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I have a tenor sax with a slightly crushed neck receiver and a broken tightening screw. Does this sound like a simple repair or something trickier. I'm asking because I have to decide whether to go for a quick fix with a decent tech or to wait for the real deal guy in my town to have some free time.

Thanks in advance,

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Attempting to drill a hole into the original end of the stump very easily winds out that stump. 2 minutes at most.

"maybe 30 minutes work and thats drilling out the busted screw and retapping. "

Retapping!!!??? Why!

Hopefully the technician will have a replacement of the right thread, or one he can thread to the right thread (say from 10-32 to 8-32)

More time will be taken in re-aligning the parts the screw goes through.
I've often wondered why it hasn't wrecked the magnetism in that tiny motor inside my watch. Good advice. I've been late because of it, and nobody believed my excuse.
"The use of a steel sphere as close to the tubing diameter you use will give superior results"

Definitely. 1" won't do much.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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