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bent neck receiver + broken screw

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I have a tenor sax with a slightly crushed neck receiver and a broken tightening screw. Does this sound like a simple repair or something trickier. I'm asking because I have to decide whether to go for a quick fix with a decent tech or to wait for the real deal guy in my town to have some free time.

Thanks in advance,

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Wish they were all that easy, maybe 30 minutes work and thats drilling out the busted screw and retapping. Got asked to quote on a trumpet today, the guy got his muffle stuck, so he used a little bit more force than necessary twisted the whole bell section a good 45 degrees,split the skin both sides, concetienard the body and left a 15mm tear from the brace support, in both directions. I was feeling in a generous mood, and told him 110 bucks to unbuckle straighten burnish repair braise the tears closed ect, and it was too much for him, the old Ill get back to you. Go figure
Thanks gordon, Im only new to the repair game but learning curve is steep, Ive recieved in the last couple of weeks two sax's were the screw has busted in its post, after drilling the body of the screw and then using an easy out tap to remove, I clean the threads up by running the correct size tap back through the post, nothing worse than leaving the corrosion in there, when I put the new turn key in I use zinc chromate to lube the threads and minmise binding
Thanks I appreciate the info, my base training was as a jet engine mechanic earlier in life and I was always taught that if you break a bolt or screw ect, always when you remove it run a tap through just to make sure its clean, old habits are hard to get rid of. I have left handed easy outs and fluted easy outs where you drive it through the whole unit and wind it either direction.

Side note erics mdrs stuff arrived today, 2" and 1.5" Im assuming in relys heavily on a large internal mass to do the bulk of the work. I say this because I only have up to 1" balls for brass work and I dropped one of these into a sax just to see what would happen and not much really did. So Ill go out and chase somes larger ball bearings tommorrow.
Yes Ive dropped eric another email requesting the larger balls, I went to purchase them locally here in australia and surprise surprise they have to order them in from the states, so I told them not to worry about it and am waiting for eric to get back to me
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