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bent neck receiver + broken screw

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I have a tenor sax with a slightly crushed neck receiver and a broken tightening screw. Does this sound like a simple repair or something trickier. I'm asking because I have to decide whether to go for a quick fix with a decent tech or to wait for the real deal guy in my town to have some free time.

Thanks in advance,

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Chu-Jerry said:
Really depends on how badly "crushed". You did say, "slightly."

This slightly:(
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JerryJamz2 said:
That's not so bad. I've seen worse. Easily saved. Should be a relatively quick and straight-forward fix for a tech with experience and the proper tools. Best of luck in your choice of techs. Decisions...decisions.. :? ;)
Great news--I can't wait to play this sax. Are the tightening screws hard to replace? The original got broken off inside the...tightener thingy (sorry for the hyper-technological language).

Hey all,

Don't let me interrupt (seriously, I love when these technical discussions get going, even if I have no idea what you guys are talking about).

I've decided to be wise and err on the side of patience: the sax is going to Mariuz (the real deal guy)!

Thanks again,
JerryJamz2 said:
Might that be Mariuz Kowalski in Halifax Nova Scotia??
The one and only! I gather his real forte is flutes, but he does superb work on saxes too. The good news is he said the repair will be an hour at the most; the bad news is he took one look at my new sax and said the pads were set too low. We'll see...

[email protected]

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