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MusicMedic said:
This repair is know as the "body slam".

A metal plug is set in the neck receiver. The plug is connected to a steel plate. The plate is slammed (tapped really) onto a firm surface; maybe a technicians bench. The body often pops right back into shape. On older and softer horns the bends are often more complex and more difficult to remove.
Had to have the "body slam" done to my CB tenor last year. It was in a ProTec gig bag and got sent flying by a guitar player trying to safely move a heavy amp. I watched as my tech did this and it made me shudder! He laughed at me. One slam and the body was right.

He said most metals want to come back in line with the way they were originally formed. My CB has been fine ever since.

By the way...I love my MusicMedic Thumb hooks! Thanks!!

New Life Sax
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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