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Ben Webster in Denmark (1965) - In A Mellow Tone, Danny Boy, Mack the Knife

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Here is some live footage of Ben Webster in Denmark (1965), playing In A Mellow Tone, Danny Boy and Mack the Knife:

0:15 - In A Mellow Tone
4:05 - Danny Boy
8:30 - Mack the Knife

- Ben Webster - Tenor
- Kenny Drew - Piano
- Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - Bass
- Alex Riel - Drums

Enjoy! :)
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All heart, soul, and passion in his playing.
His playing on My Romance with Sweets Edison, brings tears to my eyes.
Yes, Ben and Sweets mix very well. I guess you will like this session of Ben and Johnny Hodges too, Mark (you probably know it already):

Love Ben Webster. I met him at Ronnie Scott's in London back in the 60's
Wow, that's great. Ben lived and played a lot here in NL too, but I'm too young to have witnessed that!

Londonderry Aire, one of my favs. In all the videos I've seen of him, he always has that somewhat violent head tilt. I wonder if it was a nervous tick or a neurological problem.
Yes, I noticed that too. Not sure what it was, could also have something to do with Ben's drinking habit.
I believe Ben died in the Netherlands
That's correct, Ben died in The Netherlands (Amsterdam) at September 20th, 1973, while touring here (and living in Denmark at that moment).

We had a long discussion about this and other (at first wrongly presented) facts about his European live in a thread you posted early last year.

See this post and ones following it:
He is put to rest here i Denmark- Copenhagen.
Yes, I know.

Ben actually wanted to be buried in the USA, but instead of that he got cremated in Denmark (where he lived the last years of his love).

It's all explained in more detail in the thread linked to in post #7.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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