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Beltone Soprano

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Hey all, for the longest time i've wanted to get a soprano sax, and I asked my music teacher at school about them and he showed me the one that was given to the school. It's a Beltone Bb straight soprano, I tried it out and could barely get anything out of it. Later I tried looking around on the internet and couldn't find anything about it, so I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out, any information at all would be greatly appreciated, things like where it's made, and if it's any good or not, because if it's not, i've got my eye on a beautiful cannonball at a local shop
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Agree with bandmommy. My comment is that some may be able to come up with a decent soprano player for little money but generally, the more you spend, the better the horn. GENERALLY, people.

The school probably needs to take the horn to a tech for some adjustments and maybe even pop for a decent mouthpiece, if the one with it is the stock piece that came with it. The CB's are decent and will play. DAVE
FWIW, a Selmer MKVI is a Selmer-Paris horn and they haven't been made for many years now, soprano or whatever. Selmer is now making models known as Serie II or Serie III (the II having a straight fixed neck, the III having interchangeable necks).

If you have access to other brands besides Cannonball, maybe you should expand your search - there may be some very good sopranos available at that same price - or close enough for consideration. DAVE
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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