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Beltone Soprano

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Hey all, for the longest time i've wanted to get a soprano sax, and I asked my music teacher at school about them and he showed me the one that was given to the school. It's a Beltone Bb straight soprano, I tried it out and could barely get anything out of it. Later I tried looking around on the internet and couldn't find anything about it, so I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out, any information at all would be greatly appreciated, things like where it's made, and if it's any good or not, because if it's not, i've got my eye on a beautiful cannonball at a local shop
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Hey Kieks, Welcome!
What school do you attend in Zeeland? East or West High?

I have seen 'Beltone' clarinets in an old catalogue at a music shop that used to be in Ionia. If I remember correctly they were VERY inexpensive 'stencils'. I passed on one when I was shopping for a clarinet for my daughter. That was back around 1998-99. I can only guess that the saxophones were the same.

If you had trouble getting anything out the soprano may be completely out of adjustment, the reed was way too soft/hard, or you just need a LOT more time getting your 'sop chops' in order. It might be an 'OK' horn, but...
If you REALLY are serious about playing soprano try the Cannonball. Then check out any other models that Meyer Music in Holland or Grand Rapids have in stock. Marshall Music on 28th St and 131 might have something of interest as well.
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