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I played tenor in junior high, a zillion years ago. About 6 years ago I picked one up and starting teaching myself (yeah, I know). Then about 3 years a go in a fit of insanity I picked up a soprano, and am struggling. The instrument is a 1978 Yanigasawa S6 in excellent condition. I recently switched from a rico metallite m5 to m7 (.065) and from a vandoren java red 2.5 to a 3. I lost my notes above high c, but they'll come back. Still struggling with the intonation.
Here's the deal: I'm sharp at the bottom and flat at the top. It doesn't matter where I put the mouthpiece. If I shove it up to or beyond the cork, and can get the high notes in tune, but have to lip ridiculously down for the low notes. Otherwise, my high notes can be 1/2 tone or more flat. So, the questions: Is this typical with a soprano? Would a different mouthpiece help with the intonation? Or reed? How should I compromise with the mouthpiece position? Any embouchure/practice advice? Any knowledge or advice is greatly appreciated.
Geoff Collier
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