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I am a beginner sax player. I have one question regarding instrument choices. Will I as a beginner even be able to hear/exerience a difference in the two saxophones?

I own a JPS-747. It serves me quite good, but I do not have anything to compare it with.
Shops in my country/area do not have sopranoes in stock. I do not know anyone in my are playing soprano sax. (I found a teacher, will meet maybe next month)

About myself
I practice every day
played clarinet in my teens, I started playin again 1 month ago. It have been some on and off with different woodwinds.
I play on the Jupiter with optimum mp. Blue reed 2 or 2.5 (the softer ones i a box). I can practice around 40 min on this.
I am sure soprano sax is my instrument of choice.

There is a used soprano sax YSS-82Z for sale some distance away, still I need to ask. How much will the instrument matter?
Is it like 2 different mp. or is difference far greater?

I know some will just say "just go try it" but its not an option right now. (involves plane ticket)

Also, how quickly will I outgrow my first soprano?

Best regards!
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