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It is my first post here! I have a question. I am a beginner pretty much since i haven not been playing so long but please help me. I have a Yamaha 62 series that i have had for about a year and i play it with my Selmer C*. whenever i begin playing and even after playing i notice my horn is very flat especially C-sharp. I also dont understand to clearly the different types of holes and sizes of mouthpieces could someone also help me out their? -i would appreciate my help and hope to lean more from this website.:D

i also am looking into mouthpieces and need to know more....
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kavala said:
BTW, if you hit the 'enter key' in a few places when posting, you will avoid the long lines that requires me, and probably others, to scroll across the page in order to read the sentences.
I think it might be the photos that are doing it, kavala. Nico, please re-size your photos, and then we can probably read without having to scroll across. Thanks.

Regarding the "wierd, square chamber" on a S80 mouthpiece, what's so wierd about it? Selmer mouthpiece division is being run by a bunch of rummies who don't know what they're doing? Thousands, probably tens of thousands, of sax players have been playing Selmer S80 C* mouthpieces with good results.

Also, Caravan is a good mpc but you should know that the suggestion to get one does not apply to the big band playing; you'll get buried using that in big band.

You should be able to get a big sound on your C*. Continue to use the Java #3 reeds on it. A lot of what some people think is "loud" is actually "projection". As I mentioned in another thread, if you play with proper projection (talk to your teacher) you can sound "louder" than someone sitting next to you blowing their brains out but doing it wrong.

Your question about intonation - have you taken your horn to an instrument repair person and asked them to look into that? If not, do it.
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kavala said:
I checked out some other threads and the problem does not exist there. I see the wide photos are indeed causing problem.
Nicco - this is what is called a "foot stomper". That means something to pay attention to. Please resize your photos! Thank you.
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