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It is my first post here! I have a question. I am a beginner pretty much since i haven not been playing so long but please help me. I have a Yamaha 62 series that i have had for about a year and i play it with my Selmer C*. whenever i begin playing and even after playing i notice my horn is very flat especially C-sharp. I also dont understand to clearly the different types of holes and sizes of mouthpieces could someone also help me out their? -i would appreciate my help and hope to lean more from this website.:D

i also am looking into mouthpieces and need to know more....
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nicocarrre said:
I have another question. After using my mouthpiece i noticed the the cork looks weird. Does it look normal. My selmer mpc is harder to put on than the yamaha 4C and it compresses it.

You're not the first owner of that sax, I think? The picture suggests that the previous owner(s) had the mouthpiece in a "normal" position on the cork. I think it's another indication that the sax is not the source of your intonation problems.

Have the instrument checked out by an experienced player, and work on tone production and embouchure with a good teacher.
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