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It is my first post here! I have a question. I am a beginner pretty much since i haven not been playing so long but please help me. I have a Yamaha 62 series that i have had for about a year and i play it with my Selmer C*. whenever i begin playing and even after playing i notice my horn is very flat especially C-sharp. I also dont understand to clearly the different types of holes and sizes of mouthpieces could someone also help me out their? -i would appreciate my help and hope to lean more from this website.:D

i also am looking into mouthpieces and need to know more....
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nicocarrre said:
I also noticed trying to play loud is pretty hard. Its like my instrument is stopping me. Is it the mouthpiece
It sounds to me like you may need a mouthpiece that is more open.

I get the impression here that the reed is closing up on the mouthpiece.

BTW, if you hit the 'enter key' in a few places when posting, you will avoid
the long lines that requires me, and probably others, to scroll across the
page in order to read the sentences.
gary said:
I think it might be the photos that are doing it, kavala. Nico, please re-size your photos, and then we can probably read without having to scroll across. Thanks.
Yes, you are correct Gary. What else would I expect from you. ;)

I checked out some other threads and the problem does not exist there.
I see the wide photos are indeed causing problem.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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