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before I go blowing 25 bux

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If its a rule of thumb that ricos are a half strength softer than vandorens would it be safe to say that if i'm comfortable on a vandoren v16 3 that a rico 3.5 plasticover would not feel too hard?

I've lately been playing jazz select 3m's and they seem maybe a hair too soft. Plus i want to try going back to plasticovers.

would that be a somewhat reasonable strength shift?

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I think the blue box VDs are harder than the plasticovers for a given strength, but the more Jazz oriented ones are probably pretty similar to the Ricos.

Isnt there a comprehensive chart of this stuff somewhere on the interweb thingy? comparison.pdf

The plasticovers are the same as Rico Royals as far as Im aware.

Based on that a 3.5 plasticover might feel a little harder than a V16 3, but there is probably enough variation in a box that you can find a couple of good ones. Dont be afraid to work / shave / sand a plasticover anyway, the coating seems to penetrate into the wood beyond the black layer and Ive had no problems with ones Ive sanded slightly.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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