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If vandoren can make blue ones, why give a green one a hard time.

Let us know what you find out. Its tempting to say its a "diamond inlay" or tonalex of some kind, but given the colour who knows what elmer beechler did with it or what its worth.

The current diamonds are a rubber/ plastic hybrid material, and are available in white as well as black, and the tonalex are some sort of white resin. If you can do white, then its easy to add some colour to it, but having said that Ive never seen a coloured one. It could potentially be quite rare? How does it play?

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Beechler Alto mpc

Well, I just got a message back from Judy Beechler, and apparently it is an EXTREMELY RARE mpc. I remember playing it a couple of years ago, It had nice projection but from what I recall the intonation was a little difficult. I'll have to try it again. Here's a copy of Judy's e-mail.... I'm not sure what to do with it now! Phannah

Dear Paul,

Thanks for sending along the pictures.

Your mouthpiece is extremely rare. It is a mouthpiece that was never in a catalog or considered a part of our regular inventory.

The history of it as far as I can remember, is that a band director in Texas had contacted my Dad about making mouthpieces in color for his band. This was in the 1960s. My Dad made some in red, green, and a green and white blend. He sent some of them to the band director - but nothing ever came of it. We all thought they were not very attractive as did my Dad. He never made any more so I would imagine there can't be more than 10 or so out there.

Interesting piece. This is the first finished one I have ever seen. We have kept several of the colored ones-unfinished - here in the office just to remind us of things past.

Best regards,
Judy Beechler Roan
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