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Beauty, the Beast, and a Tired Face

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I just finished playing the Oboe book for Beauty and the Beast. Wow.

How do most of you prepare to have the endurance to play that book. I play oboe pretty regularly in all kinds of settings (Orchestra, Quintet, etc) but a the end of the matinee I was tired. At the end of the night I was barely able to hold my embouchure. I changed to my most easiest playing reeds and I do not think I am pinching to produce a sound. I just haven't been that tired after playing that long since doing an orchestra concert of all The Planets, an Overture, and St. Saen's Phaeton.
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I think that I practice in the same way that runners prepare for marathons. Gradually build up the endurance. When I know I'm going to be playing a LOT of oboe, I tend to practice in longer spans, in order to get my full embouchure strength (I mostly play English horn with the symphony, and non-oboe stuff at other gigs). I do this same kind of thing preparing for oboe recitals. The longer my practice sessions, the better prepared I am for longer playing. This also means less down-time in practice. Working on Pasculli solo works is a great way to achieve this, or longer etudes (Silverstrini).
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