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some years ago I saw jazzmanted's Youtube videos and got really interested in getting a Beaugnier sax.
He mentions some technical differences in these saxes and says that they are the reason that these saxes are so altissimo friendly.
For example he mentions that all toneholes are lined. etc.

The wonderful and ultra professional George from ( JayePDX here ) sent me a wonderful special alto about one year ago that I've played a LOT since, and I can tell you for a vintage horn it feels and sounds like a monster. Altissimo is really really easy and sounds really normal.

The sax is stamped "Special" and has the selmer egg-style LH pinky table.

It seems to be a model 38. Correct me if I'm wrong. I never asked the seller if it writes duke or special on it. I'll see it when it arrives.

Now I got "thirsty" and bought a similar Tenor.

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It seems to be a 38 as well or similar model. Correct me if I'm wrong. I know there are lots of Beaugnier enthousiasts here.
I see that both of them have this lined toneholes just as Jazzmanted describes. Same RH and LH keys, similar engraving etc.

Could it be an ingredient of the "holy grail" sound and playability of later Beaugniers?

Because to me a Beugnier is the absolute blend of French and US sound for pennies.

I can't imagine how GREAT these horns are for the money. And believe me I paid for both including shipping from USA + customs fees less than $1500.

I overhauled my alto at the best shop in athens for 350euros and it got insanely good.
I will do the same for the tenor as well.

With this amount of money one can buy questionable quality horns these days. Or a pair of student line Yamahas, that are also great for their money but really really neutral. Very far from the concept of a Beaugnier.

What do you guys think?

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What is the serial number ? I have a "Duke" alto which looks just like yours. Serial 19075. Plays really good.
I'm not at home right now. But it clearly says Special. I assume special=duke ?
On the other hand I've seen specials that don't have the egg shaped spatula ....

Beaugnier is the brand with most design changes however with consistent quality
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