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After months of always coming back and admiring the posting on eBay for this Beaugnier alto I finally bit the bullet and went for it. I knew going in that it was missing a pad, it is ugly (and I love ugly horns!), and it will eventually need a full repad eventually. Plus the G pad fell out in the case, so it is missing the G and C pad. There is lacquer wear and it needs a cleaning, and it is missing its key guard pearls, but the action feels great (besides a couple keys with a little poor fit) and the horn is complete. Heavy construction, partial ribs, and the articulated G# switch. I'm really excited to get this guy up and running. Anyone know what I should expect from this horn? Also, what mouthpieces would be suggested? I hear Beaugniers can be picky: I have Selmer C*'s, Vandoren AL3s, a Meyer 5, a Jody Jazz Jet 7, and a vintage unlabeled small tip/large chambered piece.

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