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Bb Soprano sax reed vs Bb Clarinet reed

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I tried a Bb Clarinet reed on my Bb Soprano saxophone. I did this out of curiousity and not for any particular reason. I was surprised when I found out that my clarinet reed fits on the soprano saxophone mouthpiece. Also surprising is the rich, dark sound my soprano has with the clarinet reed. I put the soprano sax reed back on just to verify. Why?

What is the difference between Bb Clarinet reeds and Bb Soprano saxophone reeds?

Is it just my particular Bb Soprano saxophone mouthpiece or do all Bb clarinet reeds fit on Bb soprano saxophone moutpieces.
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potiphar - I find that just polishing a plain brass lig helps with the higher notes...;) If you want to get 'down and dirty', leave the patina on ! I've never known what the fuss about ligs is, having something looking like a hyperactive titanium dental-brace, just in front of my eyes, is downright distracting.

I've used all sorts of reed combinations, clari > sop, sop > clari, clari > c-sop > Eb clari, and even slim Bb clari > Eb clari. Not to mention the larger varieties.

They all give differing results, especially in the comfort of a home - but used live, when the full dynamic range is explored with the adrenalin pumping, it's almost always back to the correct reed at the end of the day...

It has a lot to do with the vamp/heart/width not being quite right, and, as Bruce mentioned, at some stage a poor fitting reed will bite back ! :( Fun trying though, I always find that such tests usually confirm that what I was originally using is the best. Peace of mind, albeit momentarily...
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