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-88- said:
You may also want to know about Lee Kramka owner of Lee's Sax Worx in San Francisco on Taraval out toward the ocean. Inventory is nearly non-existent, though he does have vintage horns floating through his shop. The reason I mention Lee's is that after you get your horn, Lee's does repairs, re-builds, etc. He is currently doing a rebuild on one of my vintage tenors. It's a friendly place to get quality work done in San Francisco.
Lee is one of the best in the country! He's worked on my horns and put them in tip-top shape. He is worth every penny he charges, but he does charge top dollar, which will be out of your budget, Herman, unless you only need a minor repair job. Given your budget, I think a Kessler might be the way to go. One of the few new, inexpensive horns with a solid reputation.

Just fyi, I want to second what Dave and others said about vintage horns. The great vintage horns are MORE durable and less likely to need attention, once they are set up well, than most new horns, including the top-line new horns. The caveat is, they have to be set up by a good tech and put into good playing condition. This probably puts the vintage horns out of your price range, unfortunately. The deals are out there, but you have to know what you're looking for and get very lucky.
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