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You've received solid advice from everyone so far. Therefore, it depends upon what you're looking for. Vintage vs. new. Which horn will produce the sound you're looking for. If time is of no import, a good vintage horn can and will surface on SOTW. Lots of advice and support from the board in that regards. Can be well worth the time and wait. Just don't expect a Mark VI or comparable horn in your price range.

If time is of the essence then it's new and Kessler's is the way to go. I have a Kesseler Custom Deluxe. Just out of your price range by ~$100 but it's a very good horn and you won't be disappointed (unless you've got your heart set on vintage that is.) The Kessler's are great to work with to top it off. The horn was shipped across country and played better out of the box than several horns I played in local shops.

Do an advanced search for "Kessler" and display individual posts. There's a member whose name I can't recall off the top of my head who uses Kessler as his main working man's horn and he speaks well of it's durability. I'm more in your league. So do some more reading on the forum and decide upon one of your two options and then go for it

Good luck and happy hunting. The adventure begins!
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