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i recently purchase soprano bauhaus walstein.. i wonder why the sound of the C is different than the other C when we close all our pads?

sorry if this is not the right subforum to ask but i wonder if it has something to do with the way i blow or it has something to do with the saxophone?

has anyone ever experiencing this problem before?

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Welcome to SOTW. I think you need to be more specific about WHICH C's you are describing. For instance, the lowest C on the instrument is normally called C1, played with all fingers down and the right pinky operating the lower spatula.

The next higher C is C2, played with L2 down (and yes, there are alternative fingerings for that note). Then, there is C3, the next octave higher, played with L2 and the octave key depressed.

With that in mind, which C are you asking about . . . AND which OTHER C are you asking about?

Are you trying to compare the C2 to C1? Or, are you trying to compare C2 to its alternatively-fingered C2? Etc. DAVE

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I have a BW soprano, and if I play C2 (meaning lower register second finger of left hand) it does sound significantly different to the same note played with all fingers, which is an overtone. Is that what you mean? The same applies to every soprano I've ever played.
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