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Bassoon instrument tuning question

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My apologies for posting this question on a sax forum, but this is the only place I know of that I can have so many techs eyeball a question.

I have seen much ado about 'resonance tuning', etc. with bassoon, and assume it's a black art on par with or beyond that of say, saxophone neck alterations. I have a new bassoon with a B that is quite flat and stuffy on the second line and on top of the staff. I can vent the Bb key and it is vastly improved, but that isn't that friendly in technical passages.

Do any of you know any basic mechanical fixes for this issue that may not be obvious, or do I just need to send this thing off to someone to work on the tonehole below? I'm thinking this isn't something my local music store tech, not being a bassoonist, is likely to be able to handle with comfort, is that correct?


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Not something I can help with, without seeing it. I deal with the mechanics without even knowing the notes, and wouldn't have a clue without an instrument in front of me. I guess just a self-employed tech, "not being a bassoonist", and certainly uncomfortable with messing with a bassoon ACOUSTICALLY, without specific instructions from an expert. I think most techs would be in the same position.

If your local tech cannot quickly find a mechanical fault, how about sending it to Chip Owen, associated with Fox. He's old and wise re anything bassoon, and a fantastic guy. I think he still actively does repairs.
You're best sending it to a specialist to do tuning work, or better still taking it to a bassoon specialist in person so you can demonstrate the tuning problem, and if they can do the work while you're there, you can at least try it to be certain this problem has been cured to save you havign to send it back if it still isn't right (and be without your bassoon again).

Give them a call - you might even find they're familiar with this problem on this particular make or model of bassoon and can deal with it if you send it to them without havignto make the journey if it's too far out of your way - which means you'll be without your bassoon for the length of time it takes.
Make and model of bassoon would help for starters. This link to the technician area of Fox Bassoons composed by Chip Owen might help answer some of your questions;
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